Charity Made Simple offers two main products, and then a Custom built gift box feature for special events.


Charity Made Simple does not operate on the “Blind Consumerism” model. Each month we’ll share with you information on the contents of our Gift Box, and all the businesses we’re working with.

Our Products

Charity Box

Each month we select a nonprofit from each of our active cities

We then access our network of businesses that have a positive social impact in the community, and build a gift box using their product

  • All gift boxes are sold on our platform for $50 (plus $7 for shipping). As our quantity of Gift Boxes sold increases, so does the percentage of donation to the charity.
  • All the donations raised through the purchase of Gift Boxes goes towards specific community projects led by our partner charities.
  • In addition, all products purchased by Charity Made Simple to build the gift boxes carry their own charitable contribution for a variety of causes around the globe.

OUR GOAL: Show people great products made from great companies that give back, and help accomplish project goals at charities that work to better our communities.

City Pass

Each month we highlight one neighborhood in our active cities, and work with businesses to develop a local shopping experience. The City Pass acts as a one-time use, per business, discount card. Discounts vary by business and are highlighted each month. CLICK HERE to learn about the current Business Discounts.

When purchased with the Charity Gift Box, the City Pass is only an additional $15 for over $100 in local shopping value. Or, purchase the City Pass on its own for just $40. As our quantity of City Passes sold increases, so does the percentage of donation to the charity.

OUR GOAL: Give people a reason to explore neighborhoods and support the businesses that support our communities, while helping accomplish project goals at the charities that work to better our communities.

Custom Box

Contact Us to help build a Charity Made Simple Gift Box for your event. Whether it’s a corporate event, a wedding, a birthday party, or just because, we want to help give your gifts more purpose. We’ll work with you to develop a Gift Box, and then source products from our partner businesses. Products can range from basic every day use, to high end gift giving, and everything between.

Each purchase will carry a set percent donation to one of our partner charities and also drive sales to our partner companies. Please allow THREE to FOUR weeks before your event for development. Minimums will vary based on Gift Box value.

OUR GOAL: Provide an avenue for all gift giving experiences to carry a charitable component.