Frequently Asked Questions

What is Charity Made Simple?

Charity Made Simple operates in the retail industry with a goal to drive change in consumerism by educating individuals about products, businesses, people, and charities that are taking an active role in leaving the world a little better than when they found it.

What is the mission of Charity Made Simple?

Our mission is to develop a giving network across the country, and change the standard in business by impacting purchasing decisions in favor of companies that give back, while driving project specific donations to charities.

How are charities selected?

Charities are selected based on their impact in the community. Much of our time is spent researching charities and their missions, and then getting involved and volunteering with the charity to participate in their operation and get a better understanding of their needs. After the relationship is developed, we work with the charity to understand what projects they have that require funding, how much funding they need, and how the funds will be used to accomplish the projects. If we’re a good fit for each other, we begin to plan our gift box launch.

How do charities utilize the contribution?

Though we understand that a lot goes into running a charity, we also recognize that as charities grow, the concept of “overhead” becomes more and more grey. For this reason, we work to develop budgets with the charities that detail how funds will be utilized, based on the number of gift boxes sold. These target levels of sales are shared with the consumers, and updates are provided throughout the year in our Newsletters.

How are businesses selected?

Similar to our charities, we do a lot of research into businesses that give back to the community. We recognize that every business has a public, and private image, and we do our best to understand both. Once we feel that our mission and the mission of the business align, we work to source the right product for our gift boxes.

When are purchased items shipped?

All Gift Boxes and City Passes will be mailed out at the end of the month, and take about 5 days after your shipping notification email.

Will the gift boxes be offered as a subscription?

This is something that we’re looking into down the road and how it aligns with our mission. Ideally, we want to engage our customers on a monthly basis as opposed to just charging their credit card and sending them product that they are not aware of. We want to develop a network of people that enjoy learning about these charities and companies. If people wish to create a repeating donation, we urge you to contact our partner charities.

How are the other products related to the Charity Made Simple mission?

The City Pass and custom box were built to engage additional networks of people. With the City Pass, we want to encourage people to get out and shop at the businesses that support our communities and cities. We simply approach the business, and let them know how their involvement will impact a local charity. If they’re interested in getting involved, we allow them to tell us the discount they are able to provide. With the Custom Box, we want to provide the opportunity for charity to be a part of every gift giving experience.

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