A Little About Our Mission...

This is more than business… this is passion. Let’s Build Something Amazing.

Our mission is to develop a giving network across the country, and change the standard in business by impacting purchasing decisions in favor of companies that give back, while driving project specific donations to charities.


People make purchasing decisions that benefit companies whose primary focus is


We’re going to buy stuff… but perhaps our money is better directed into companies that give back


Develop a network across the country, impact purchasing decisions, change the standard in business.


As market share shifts in favor of companies that give back, other companies will see this is not a fad, it’s a demand for change.


Businesses will be viewed based on what they give back, which will create competition in charitable acts, which will create plans for sustainable solutions.

The more participation, the more the network, and our impact across the globe, grows
In addition to our month’s charitable donation, each product in the gift box also carries with it a contribution to various charitable causes around the globe… so 10,000 gift boxes sold drives a large donation to the current nonprofit, and then for example: 10,000 books donated to literacy programs, 10,000 bars of soap donated to people in need, and so on down the line, all depending on the product in the gift box.
We are not a political platform or here to tell people what’s right or wrong…we simply want to help shed light on the issues that impact all of our cities, and give back to the cities that have given us so much.

Are you ready to get involved?

Purchase a gift box, donate to a charity directly, help spread our brand and awareness for charities on social media, volunteer your time in the community, demand more from business… contact us to discuss these, and other ways to get involved.

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